Compared to other materials on the market, our non-printing patented valve technology has following advantages:


  • Every tube inflates uniformly;

  • Air inlet natural opening, no need to rub film;

  • Inflation smoothly, saving time.

  • Less pollution to the environment.

  • Higher productivity, lower product cost.


Air Cushion Film & Machine
Air Column Bag
Container Dunnage Bag
Air Cushion Bag
Why Choose Us
Guangzhou PackBest was established in 2006. We strive to be global environmental air bag packing leaders in product safe&secure packing involved.
PackBest pays attention to innovation and our environment. We have a strong R&D team for new technology Guangzhou PackBest Air Packaging Cor., Ltd was established in 2006. Our fast, friendly and efficient service provides a full range of packaging products, including:
A. Dunnage air bags for container inner void gaps filling;
B. Air column material and air bag for eletronics, craft, wine and various kinds of packaging applications;
C. Air cushion for presenting showroom handbags, packbags, suitcases or shoes stuffing.
D. Double layers inflatable bag in bag for delicate, valuable products .such as jewelry and vase.
E. Air Bubble Wrapping making machine and co-ex PE cushion film for stuffing packing.
F. R&D in air packaging machine and different kinds of air packaging.
PackBest Packaging is a leading supplier of packaging, both wholesale and retail into China and beyond. From the marketing strategy we follow, we are looking for a certain good partners world-widely to join us and share the packaging market development with us.
As a manufacturing company, for your further knowledge as a result of powerful R&D and healthy supply chain maintenance at our end, one of our big advantage above other is we are in a position to adjust or redesign the product on your request, at rather favorable condition.
Air we share, innovation we care!